Our Families Say...

Within minutes of seeing what the environment at Wellspring ignited in my kids, I knew this place has something very special to offer my children. What I didn't realize then was just how enriching it would be for my own life. My children's enthusiasm is contagious and I love seeing them happy, but within this community I also have the same support and respect that sought for them. ~Ann R.

At Wellspring we are offering our children tools, lifelong tools, that can help them to navigate thru the uncertain future. We are teaching them that they have choices, to go inward and listen to their bodies, to their hearts, to make empowered choices from their individual truth. We are encouraging our children to go inward and choose a different path if something doesn’t feel good rather than just accepting it as ‘normal’. I believe that Wellspring is providing the next generation with an amazing treasure. ~Denise R.

In today's world where things like technology and science, educational standards and strategies, even geography (!) change so rapidly, I think it is more important than ever to give our children an education in the things that never change. I love Wellspring's focus on responsible community membership, independent thinking, self-motivation, conflict resolution, and personal development in addition to more traditional school subjects such as literacy, mathematics, natural sciences and social studies. ~Kelly D.

A daily conflict between my four-year-old son and a classmate brought these two boys to the "peace mat", a safe place where both would hold the "peace stick" and listen to each other with the help of a teacher and an 'older' child. The amount of respect that was given to all children involved was amazing. They call this conflict resolution. This is a skill that my children are learning at a young age that will take them into their adult life. I learned about the peace mat in action when my little one brought it into our home one day to resolve a conflict with his older brother. WOW. Mom learned something that day too. ~Caryn R.

I had the pleasure of being parent helper this week and I got to see in action the transformation in my daughter that I've been hearing about for the last couple of weeks. I was overjoyed and amazed at her confidence and freedom of expression. All morning I saw examples of the miracle of Wellspring Community School, children laughing and rolling down a grassy hill, friends holding hands and caring for each other, an older boy sitting with a younger in his lap at circle time, both smiling and glowing with genuine warmth for each other, olders helping youngers putting on coats and shoes. A day in the life of Wellspring, forever touching the hearts and lives of these precious young beings. I am honored to be a part of such a strong and wonderful 'village'. ~Denise R.

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