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Position Announcement 
Director of Wellspring Community School
Wellspring, a holistic, child-centered school where curriculum is co-created by teachers and students, is a place where children are inspired to laugh, play, grow and thrive academically.  
Position Summary 
Wellspring Community School is a five year-old progressive community school currently based in Gladstone, New Jersey.  Wellspring approaches each student as a unique individual and offers every child the support he or she needs to grow intellectually, emotionally, socially, spiritually and physically.  Wellspring’s approach to education aims to nurture a lifelong love of learning for all students.  
Awareness is growing that standards-based learning and rigid curricula are not serving our children. Wellspring Community School is part of a movement of progressive schools built upon the idea that meaningful learning takes place in a flexible, nurturing and respectful environment. With an eye towards state educational standards, our facilitators develop an emergent curriculum that addresses academics in ways that are motivating and interesting to our students. Young people in our school are empowered to grow into mature problem solvers, conflict resolvers, creative thinkers, leaders, and active community members.  Wellspring prepares young people for college, professional life and beyond by developing their curiosity, creativity, critical thinking skills, self-motivation, responsibility, and leadership abilities. 
Wellspring Community School is seeking to fill the position of School Director.  Candidates should possess some understanding of, and great enthusiasm for working in, a child-centered environment.  S/he should also have a rich background in educational and administrative leadership, growth, and marketing.  The ideal candidate will have some knowledge of nontraditional educational philosophies, curriculum development, strategic planning, and fundraising.  
The new Director will be asked to quickly evaluate current practices and create an administrative vision to complement the educational vision of Wellspring for the coming year and long-term; revise the marketing materials to more accurately reflect the school’s philosophy and benefits; be the community face of Wellspring; grow enrollment; and guide an effective fundraising strategy.  The successful candidate will be able to work as part of a team, enjoy working in a small and creative environment, and possess excellent communication and project management skills.  The Director of Wellspring will report directly to the Board of Trustees of the school and will work with the founding families, current families and prospective families to help create and sustain Wellspring as a vibrant, engaged and fully enrolled Community School.
The successful candidate must: 
  • Be comfortable with moving a non-profit educational organization from founding to flourishing
  • Create materials about Wellspring using appropriate educational language that will appeal to the families whose children would thrive at this school
  • Be enthusiastic and excited about the mission, values, and principles of Wellspring Community School 
  • Be able to independently identify and set priorities
  • Work with and improve upon the school’s strategic plan to find a new location, develop a five-year and ten-year vision, expand the Board of Directors, and create financial stability
  • Readily assume responsibility for large and small tasks as needed 
  • Advanced degree in education or allied field  
  • At least six primary education credits
  • Education background preferred
  • At least 12 years of professional experience in educational leadership, nonprofit growth and management, or related field
  • Familiarity with curriculum development and experience with writing curriculum  preferred
  • Familiarity with wide range of educational philosophies preferred
  • Ability to enthusiastically embrace an exciting, yet challenging, opportunity
To apply, please send a resume and cover letter describing your interest in and experience with holistic education. Please direct all correspondence to