Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What Does it Mean to be "Well Educated"?

A fabulous post at the Cooperative Catalyst:

To me, a good education is about developing: 
  • Habits of mind like curiosity, analysis, criticism, problem-solving and creativity
  • The ability to make things, to satisfy a need or just for fun
  • The capacity to love yourself, other people, and the environment; and to find an appropriate balance between your own needs and the needs of the group and/or the natural world.
That’s way more than can be accomplished in the school day, which is one reason why I reject the idea that teachers and schools are the only ones responsible for educating children. Everyone– parents, teachers, community members and institutions– has a role to play, and one of our main goals should be to work together to ensure that this happens.
You simply must swing over and read the entire thing here.

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