Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You Change Them

I had the pleasure of hearing Marla McLean speak at the Educating the Creative Mind conference last spring, and then had the privilege of visiting her at her studio at School Within School at the Peabody School in Washington DC.  She maintains a blog as a way of documenting her students' work and it is well worth a visit.  The photography is beautiful, her creativity is impassioned, and her insight into the process of education is inspiring.

"I think you will be inspired! What does inspired mean?”
“You can’t believe your eyes”
“You want to look at it for a long time”
“Really really really really pretty”
“I know what inspired means, it means, you change them (the paintings) but it can still be them”

This type of deep work,  can be revisited in life endlessly:
Making marks to create memory.
Observing deeply.
Internalizing inspiration.

What Mani said, is  a succinct definition of inspiration.
“You change them, but it can still be them.”
It is also a beautiful metaphor for teaching.

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