Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Helping Children Make Beautiful Music With Their Lives

I love this post from my friend and mentor at the Institute for Humane Education, Mary Pat Champeau.  I highly recommend Suzuki's book - it is focused on teaching violin, but his philosophy could easily be applied to parenting or teaching:
I learned so much about parenting from a little book written by the violin teacher Shinichi Suzuki called Nurtured by Love. It is part personal history and part love letter to the violin, and part instruction on how to nurture a beautiful heart through music lessons. I learned that correcting what is wrong is nowhere near as powerful as praising what is right. His idea was to shine the light always on what worked, and let the rest wither in the dark. He believed that children could learn to play music and love it just as they learned to speak -- starting when they were young and having music all around them. 
Read the entire post here.

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