Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What's for Lunch Wednesday - Food Attitude

Photo by wheat_in_your_hair
There is lots of information on the Internet about food and health.  Organic, free-range, biodynamic, local, ultra-local, urban gardening, food miles, Weston A. Price, vegetarian, vegan, GAPS, GFCF - food is something that everyone seems to have an opinion about.  What is the healthiest way to feed our families?  Who knows?  To be sure, there is a lot of passion and judgement surrounding this question for a lot of people.

But here is an interesting article from the latest New York Times Magazine on how our diet and eating habits affects our children's body image - boys too, but especially girls:
Food is never just food. Food is love. Food is solace. It is politics. It is religion. And if that’s not enough to heap on your dinner plate each night, food is also, especially for mothers, the instant-read measure of our parenting. We are not only what we eat, we are what we feed our children.
A quick and worthwhile read - check it out.

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