Monday, March 8, 2010

Hatching a New Project at Wellspring

Too corny?
We have some new arrivals at Wellspring Community School!
Last week, twelve fertilized chicken eggs arrived along with their incubator and
food and water dishes to spend a couple of weeks with us.
They will be hatching soon and will stick around our classroom
for a little while before they have to go back to Quiver Farm.

Rooster Ronald and Hen Susan came to visit us and teach us about chickens.
We learned that roosters' are responsible for waking everyone in the morning
and taking care of the other chickens. The hens take care of their eggs
by keeping them warm (99.5 degrees F, to be exact), moist, and turning them
several times a day. Farmer Sarah explained to the children that,
since these eggs don't have their mom, we are responsible for
taking care of them until they hatch and then ensuring that they have food and water
once each one has used his egg tooth to get out of their eggs.

Susan and Ronald

Farmer Sarah shows us Ronald's comb and wattle

Farmer Sarah explains how hens like Susan use their beaks and feet
to turn their eggs

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