Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Web Roundup

The Craze for Endless Praise - Mothering reminds us why there is such a thing as too much praise

Let's Talk About Art - Paint Cut Paste offers ideas for responding constructively to a child's artistic creations

Goodness of Fit: Why Nurturing Our Child's Nature Matters - A Nourishing Home explores the ways in which we can be sure to match our expectations to our children's innate self

Fostering Self Esteem in Young Children - Rhythm of the Home (an ezine that is definitely worth checking out!) offers some great suggestions written by Eileen Straiton of Little Acorn Learning

End the Morning Struggle, Part 2 - More great tips from Child Perspective

Don't They Just Play? Role Play Reading - Childhood 101 lists the literacy skills that children are working on when they "pretend" to read

Compassionate Connection: Nonviolent Communication With Children - Another great Mothering post offers the basics of NVC

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  1. thank you for including my post in your round-up this week! you have a great site here!