Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Web Favorites

Exploring the Forest: Wild Places in Childhood - This is an absolutely fantastic piece on the NAEYC website, in which the author Anna Golden describes a project she does with her students in a "forest" near their school, but interweaves the story of the self-exploration she did in the process.

What Ifs of Education - Ecology of Education asks, what if we eliminated public schools as we know them and replaced them with smaller, more personalized community schooling options a-la the one room schoolhouse. Wellspring, anyone?

Acts of Kindness Spread Surprisingly Easily: Just a Few People Can Make a Difference - A recent study shows that when people are treated kindly they tend to pay it forward.

Why Our Kids Don't Go to Kindergarten - This article on explores what children need to do in order to learn, and the fact that they don't get it in most schools.

Teaching Elise to Hug: A Lesson in Educating Our Children - Zoe Weil, guest posting at Eco Child's Play, reminds us that it is more efficient and kind to meet our children where they are and try to shape their behavior into what we'd like to see instead of compelling their behavior, thereby crushing their curiosity and love of learning.

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