Monday, March 15, 2010

Book Review: Stella

I recently discovered the Stella books by Marie Louise Gay, and I am in love with them! The red-haired heroine explores her world in titles such as Stella, Princess of the Sky, Stella, Fairy of the Forest, and Stella, Queen of the Snow. Her energy and inquisitiveness just jumps off the page as Gay captures the true spirit of childhood. Sure, some adults might take issue with some of the inaccuracies these books contain (such as when Stella tells her little brother Sam that the sun is red because "it's wearing red pajamas") but her answers show the author's grasp of the magical and creative thinking of children.

Especially well-written in this regard is When Stella Was Very, Very Small, which Gay wrote in response to her readers' questions about Stella. Putting herself in the shoes of a small child, the author describes the experience with humor and delightful wonder: "And once when Stella was very, very small, it snowed so much the whole world disappeared..." - something our children here in the northeastern US can certainly relate to these days! But as Stella gets bigger, she can do all sorts of exciting things like feed the goldfish, carry the dog and read to her brother, Sam. These books are a wonderful addition to any child's collection.
Speaking of book collections - if you live in northwestern New Jersey and are looking to declutter your child's bookshelves, there is a great opportunity to do so. The Washington Township Public Library is collecting new and gently-used children's books to assist a local resident with a literacy fair she is organizing in Newark, NJ. Please either drop off your donations at the library, or if you bring them to Wellspring I will gladly deliver them for you.

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