Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Web Roundup

Play to Learn - A Fantastic Op-Ed by Susan Engel in the New York Times which supports what we do at Wellspring

Is Imaginitive Play a Waste of Time? - Great post at Childhood 101 listing all the benefits of imaginitive play

End the Morning Struggle Overnight - Who can't use some tips on getting out the door on time? Child Perspective offers some good ones.

What We Get When We Give - Half Full details the many benefits (to us!) of being kind
Iridescence - 5 Orange Potatoes offers a cool idea for an easy and inexpensive do-at-home experiment using ice, salt and food coloring

Embrace Your Family's Unique Learning Styles - Zen Family Habits offers some ideas to help family members understand their differences

Photo courtesy of flickr user laffy4k under a Creative Commons license

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