Friday, January 1, 2010

Holistic Education, An Introduction - Part 5

In order to allow for family time during this vacation week, instead of our usual variety of postings we will share an introduction to the ideas behind Holistic Education from Holistic Education, Inc.

What About Other Pressing Issues?

Many people today feel that there are concerns which are so pressing that these concerns must be solved before any others (like developing alternative forms of education) are addressed. Such people will say that one can not discuss philosophy with someone starving - feed the person first, and then one can give time and energy to philosophy.

Holistic education has seen the situation a bit differently, and thinks this metaphor is inadequate. Let us assume that a person is starving unnecessarily because that person has some fundamentally mistaken notions. Perhaps one needs to feed the person initially, but no amount of just feeding the person will help; simply giving them food will only mean they end up starving again later. Holistic education has long maintained that mis-education or inadequate education lies at the roots of our modern problems, and a different kind of education has a real chance of solving them.

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