Thursday, January 28, 2010

Commitment to Community

It's been hard for me to get the blog for the past few days. My four and a half year old daughter has come down with her first bad cold, and I've been busy making soup and mopping her feverish brow with a damp washcloth.

The kind of nice thing about it, though, has been the chance I've had to spend a couple of focused days with her. Usually we're so busy going about our lives, and I am busy chasing her toddler brother, that I don't get to spend much time just hanging out with her, talking. It's been nice to snuggle on the couch, reading books and telling stories.

I've gotten the chance to really see how much she's learned, grown and matured over the past several months. When reading books, I can see the buds of literacy starting to peek through, as she begins to recognize letters and words and interacts with stories in ways she never did before. Her math skills are growing as well, as she is beginning to be interested in simple addition, subtraction and fractions. Even her awareness of the world is starting to shift - as we sat this morning watching the snow fall, she explained to me the phases of matter, and how the flakes don't really disappear but change from ice to water.

I don't know how she would be developing intellectually and academically if she were in a different school environment, but there's something else that I am confident is unique to Wellspring. Even though she has been up all night with a nasty cough and a fever of over 102 degrees, she was desperately trying to convince me that she was healthy enough to go to school. She feels a responsibility to her friends and a commitment to her community, and she wants to be at school. She loves being at school. She feels like she belongs there, and the importance of that cannot be overstated.

So, I'm off to do more soup-making and brow-mopping so I can get my daughter back to her friends as soon as possible!


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