Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What's for Lunch Wednesday - Sandwich Making Day

The children had a great time at this communal feast. Each child brought in an item from a poster that was made by the idea’s originator, Olivia. They each then created a sandwich based on their food preferences. Some of the sandwiches were very interesting, but every child finished their lunch and went back for seconds or thirds.

Here are some of the sandwich creations made by the children:
Shen -jam, bacon, banana, spinach, egg salad and tomato
Noni -cheese, pickle, egg salad, and pomegranate
Olivia -tortilla with tomato, salad, banana and cheese
Charlie -tortilla with olives, chick peas, bacon, pomegranate and spinach
Nicholas- cheese, pomegranate and mayonnaise
Leah- pickles, tomato, pomegranate, olives, chick peas and cheese
Isis- Tortilla with cheese, pomegranates, spinach, pickles, pumpkin butter, olives, and tomato

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