Monday, December 21, 2009

Heart Centered Learning

Stephanie and I were chatting thru open car windows yesterday at pick up and the conversation touched upon technology and how engrossed we, as a culture, have become by it. Who hasn’t seen 2 teenagers walking together, but both on separate cell phones either talking or texting someone else? They are together but not together at all. Our culture is becoming more and more isolated and separate, going inward but to the place of aloneness and obsession. There is a whole new realm of anxiety disorders directly related to never being ‘unplugged’especially in teens. The world of technology and all it’s wonders, is taking us further and further from the place of the Heart.

It brought to the surface for me all the reasons why Wellspring is such a special place. Just as we couldn’t imagine handheld computers and micro technology when we were children, we don’t know what this next generation will be faced with as they grow up. At Wellspring we are offering our children tools, lifelong tools, that can help them to navigate thru the uncertain future. We are teaching them that they have choices, to go inward and listen to their bodies, to their hearts, to make empowered choices from their individual truth. We encourage them to ask questions of themselves, ‘how does this make me feel? Is this the way I want to feel right now? If not, what other choice can I make to shift my experience?’ This is a path to the authentic self that lives in each of us but is not often given permission to be expressed and trusted. We are encouraging our children to go inward and choose a different path if something doesn’t feel good rather than just accepting it as ‘normal’. We are providing our children the foundation to consciously make thier own empowered choices as they grow into this world and all it’s uncertainties. I believe that Wellspring is providing the next generation with an amazing treasure, the Technology of the Heart.

~ Denise

(Photo courtesy of the Flick user stevefaeembra, shared under a Creative Commons license.)

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