Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What's for Lunch Wednesday - Many Paths, One Journey to Health

The Holistic Moms Network unveiled the second installment in their cookbook collection, Many Paths, One Journey to Health: In the Kitchen with Holistic Moms at the Natural Living Conference on October 17. With over 300 pages of recipes, this book features something for everyone and is a wonderful addition to any kitchen.

This book includes recipes that appeal to people who follow many different dietary paths, including local eating (broken down by season), macrobiotics, raw foods, traditional diets, vegetarian diets, and GFCF (gluten-free/casein-free) and egg-free diets. Because the recipes are all mom-tested, mom-approved and mom- (and some dad-) contributed, you can be sure that they are easy, healthy, and kid-friendly.

This unique cookbook is particularly perfect for people who are new to holistic living and want to learn about many different diets without investing in dozens of volumes for their home cookbook collections, but it definitely has appeal to those who are more familiar with holistic eating as well. The introduction includes a brief explanation of the nutritional paths represented in the book that is helpful to newbies and veterans alike. This collection of recipes makes a great gift, too - a wonderful way to encourage healthy eating among family and friends, and a guaranteed way to get them to cook delicious and wholesome meals for your family when you visit!

Anyone want to join me in enjoying an autumn Pumpkin Smoothie (page 98)?

Order your copy here.

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